Innovation lies at the heart of a developer’s work. Building/construction is a rapidly changing industry that requires us to adopt an equally innovative approach to the way in which it is presented and sold. As 2020 gets off the ground, new strategies are needed to prepare for the year ahead. So just for you, Habiteo has prepared a summary of all the innovations that will save you time and money in 2020!


BIM, innovation for building

Many difficulties and challenges can arise during the construction of a building, if only because of the numerous trades and professions present on the site. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a method that overcomes these kinds of problems. Much more than a simple digital model of a building, it is a process that enables the parties involved to work symmetrically on a single issue. As we explained in our article on innovations with an impact for real estate and construction”, it’s all about making sure everyone is speaking the same language, for a standardised, consistent approach. It is undoubtedly a real time saver because it helps to avoid many failures resulting in demolition for reconstruction. This type of situation arises more quickly than you might think: an electrical error is enough for an electrician to need to install new cables in a wall that’s already been built.

To find out more about this topic, you can see Habiteo’s CEO, Jeanne Massa at the RENT trade show, next Thursday 7 November. She will present a round table on the subject “BIM for developers: should we go for it?”.


Helping customers to project themselves in order to develop your sales

Why wait for the customer to come to you when you can go and get them yourself? To build a good reputation and stand out from the crowd, you have to position yourself where the customer can see you. An on-site sales office is a great way to be seen and to attract customers. But the level of competition is such that this is no longer enough. Not only must you be in the right place, but you also need to stand out. This is where modelling comes in, helping to highlight the strengths and benefits of your real estate project. A prospective customer who can project themselves into a home is a better qualified prospect. Do not hesitate to use (and abuse) marketing campaigns including 3D plans, images and virtual toursto capture their attention.


The electronic signature, a cutting-edge innovation to save you time

Electronic signatures are a considerable time saver for people working in the real estate world. Companies such as MyNotaryoffer this type of service. So there’s no more stalling, waiting for physical meetings for weeks on end. And no longer a need to send the documents by post either. All of the interactions and exchanges between the parties are simplified, and sending documents back and forth is much faster, too. So signing a sales agreement or even reserving a property takes just a few minutes instead of several days like it used to.


Up-selling, cross-selling and saving time after the sale

The house configuratoris an innovation that can save you and your teams considerable time. It can replace the appointment at the showroom or be used as a tool to better prepare for it. The customer can now choose their materials and colours directly from their sofa, taking much more time and care over their decisions. Either you can skip the showroom appointment entirely, or the customer comes in with a decent idea of the choices available, and you both save time. The customer can find out about the various materials and TMA with complete peace of mind, testing out all the possible variants. They can’t go wrong, and can reassure themselves with real images of the products available.

It’s also a great way to generate additional sales. Let’s take the example of the automotive market. A car configurator generates on average 2,000 euros in additional sales per vehicle configured. In real estate, the customer tests out the variants and realises the effect of a simple modification on the ambiance of a room. Invariably this wins them over, because personalising the property helps them project themselves into it. Find out more about the Habiteo housing configurator here.