Since its launch in 2010, Instagram knows a growth rate of 99 900 % and went from 1 million to 1 billion users. And some real estate professionals – Especially in old real estate businesses and in particular in USA and Canada – had a good feeling with it, and used it since the start of the platform. By doing this, they grew the number of points of contacts with the prospects, also with Facebook that is more largely used. If correctly used, Instagram acts as an interesting lead generation platform for them. It’s THE platform.

Don’t get it wrong : Instagram can be a real business generator. 

Selling is above all a trust, proximity and expertise issue. And this is how the Instagram feed can allow you to valorise : 

  • The expertise of your companies and your teams
  • Their personality
  • The neighbourhood, the city, the region
  • Your client’s experience

It is a tool that allows to tell a story and to federate a community. Immobilier 2.0 offers an online training to capitalize on Instagram. Mostly oriented towards old real estate and real estate agents, these techniques can completely be translated to new real estate businesses! We choose a few advice and added our own touch to alternate the types of publications and to not talk only about sales !

Position yourself on Instagram as a local expert of the neighbourhood

Position yourself as a local expert of the neighbourhood :  Neighbourhood life, attractions, good addresses, places to recommend, local stores, neighbourhood videos, etc. The aim is to offer a lifestyle and to share values. Don’t forget to geolocalise the publications, use the right hashtags and identify the companies and people you can talk about. 

Taking the time to valorise the neighbourhood offers many benefits : 

  • Keep your old clients engaged towards your brand. Maybe one day they will be buyers again or they will recommend you
  • Create a relationship with the local store keeps and entrepreneurs that could also recommend you

On Instagram, focus on beauty

Media of beauty, choose beautiful pictures and atmospheres to sell : landscapes, design, architecture, moments of life, etc.

Nothing is more easier : 

  • Publish pictures of interiors, terraces and gardens that will make everyone dream. Not necessary of your real estate project, but of your inspiration and of the lifestyle you would like to be inspired of 
  • Capture details of your project’s architecture or use 3D to generate a crush
  • Tell the story of behind the scene of your project : show the architects drawings and make a building site tour
  • Use the video : 3D animations, virtual tour, neighborhood videos, and drone views

Engage your Instagram community

The platform also allows you to engage your community. And the best way to do it is by allowing them to PARTICIPATE.

  • Ask questions : Are you more nordic atmosphere or classic atmosphere ? Which wine would you like to receive as a signature gift ? Everything is allowed. 
  • Organize competitions allowing to win a purchase voucher for decoration or house equipment. 

Finally, and at Habiteo we love this : Don’t hesitate to add a touch of humor in your publications.

Highlight the people of your team

Put in highlight the persons that are composing your team and their everyday-life : meetings, evenings, successes, deliveries, etc. Make your brand and your values shine through those who work on it daily. This will also allow you to work on your image in an HR point of view, by putting the human as your main concern – whether it is your client or your fellow staff member.