The user path should be a beautiful journey, from the first search on the Internet until the signing of the purchase. Especially in real estate, a life project that starts, in 90% of cases, on the Internet.

Sometimes closer from an obstacle course than a simple task, the user is tempted repeatedly and for various reasons to end his journey with the brand. And do not think that the user journey stops at the signature, far from it. Do you want to build a community? Gather prescribers of your brand? Take care of your customer interactions from start to finish, and – why not – offer him a housewarming gift!

Be remarkable

New modes of housing consumption are beginning to emerge with, almost for all, a common denominator: research begins on the Internet. Whatever the reason (leaving the family cocoon, starting a family, divorcing, investing, buying a second home), it all starts with a need to settle in a comfortable and suitable home. That’s how we start looking for the Holy Grail. A short description, 5 photos and a PDF plan is what the future buyer finds page after page. Only a few perspectives highlighting the project’s architecture can attract attention. It is becoming difficult to find a way or even impossible to project …

Now imagine presenting to your future buyer an interactive model on which he can visualize the available units. Imagine the difference you would make by offering virtual tours of your show flat. Imagine discovering the surroundings of the residence on video.

Be innovative

You have acquired a lead. He likes the architecture of the residence and the situation of the future housing. He wants to know more. Maybe you have a sales office: provided that it is equipped to offer a harmonious user path: touch screens, design armchairs, Scandinavian atmosphere and good smell of coffee. But in a snap of fingers, we can return to an obstacle course: it’s far, your precious lead is lost, he falls in the caps, he is disappointed … But who said you had to sell in a place while the entire world may be your sales office?

Now imagine presenting to your future client his future accommodation from his cozy sofa. Imagine joining him for lunch in the café he loves juste across the street form his office. Imagine organizing a videoconference.

Be a perfectionist

Do not stop in this good way. As we have seen, the user path must be perfect from start to finish. At the end of the meeting, the future buyer hesitates. What’s more normal when it comes to a life project? He has the plans, but he can not remember the layout of the rooms very well. And the sofa will it go between the two doors? The excitement has subsided, he wants something concrete and he wants to see it, see it again and share it with his family.

Imagine sending an email with the 3D form or an SMS with a link to an app. Imagine leaving him a cardboard so that he can visit his future home with his family. You can go further by imagining to propose to him to personalize his future lodging (walls, grounds, paintings, etc) and to allow him to validate his purchase thanks to the electronic signature.

You know his delivery date, almost his date of moving. All you have to do is to get delivered him a housewarming gift!