A lot of innovations turned upside down many sectors, from telecommunication to transportation, from work to hobbies. In the real estate sector, that is still quite traditional, it’s now a necessity to follow the trend of innovation and to evaluate the challenges of this sector. Usually, we talk more about the threats, but the opportunities given by these innovations are even bigger. For a matter of fact, KPMG estimates that

“The key to long term success is to concentrate further on innovation and its integration in the commercial strategy.”

Régis Chemouny, Partner at KPMG France goes further :

“I think that a cross-fertilisation of companies with the Proptech will rise. All the protagonists will become more agile and concentrated on the innovation question, being the digitalization and the open data.”


The 4th edition of KPMG’s Real Estate Innovation Overview presents 235 startups in 25 countries and in 9 categories. This year, Habiteo is part of the selection, with 29 other french jewels. Discover the publication !




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