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myHabiteo or how executive management, marketing and sales services have their activities fully transformed ?

myHabiteo is an innovative platform designed for new real estate actors.

It allows to create a link between marketing and sales activities and gathers crucial informations to give visibility to all the people connected.

It answers 3 big challenges :

  • Accelerate the time to market of real estate projects being launched or already launched
  • Centralize the data related to the activity to be able to optimize all your conversion funnel
  • Show with dashboards and statistics the performance of your activity
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What am I going to find in myHabiteo ?

One single tool to centralise the pricing, availabilities and properties assignment of your projects

A platform where you can exchange with your project manager to validate and to pick up all your 3D elements

Several accesses to the same platform for real-time information, communicated to all the people connected to your business : marketing, sales, advisers, management, external sales team...

A tool that allows you to gather crucial informations from your activity and illustrate it with dashboards and statistics

An advanced CRM to track your client life cycle

Exports to reach your data anytime

A tool to take appointments, sell, put on option, book and follow your business performance

Widget traffic, website and external leads, to control your marketing actions and to measure their performance

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